Creative Life Planning

Are you searching for a new perspective at work? Or do you want a different, less stressful or actually more challenging job? Are you looking for more balance between your work and your private life? Do you want to enlarge your personal efficiency? Do you want to develop a clear vision for your work, family or role in society, and need someone who can really help you to make the right decisions? Find out more about our ‘Creative Life Planning’ course.


Our training

These questions are the heart of our CLP (Creative Life Planning) training course. It is very much about discovery; it involves clearly defining your specific competences, skills, motivations, wishes and values as well as understanding how dilemmas, obstructive thoughts or life experiences often make it difficult to actively and creatively give your life direction. Interested? Contact our office, and we will gladly discuss what we can do for you.

The process for this training consists of 5 core themes:  what are my skills, motivational surroundings and possibilities, what choices do I have to make, what direction do I take, and how can I look into the future with full confidence?

A coach supports you by applying structure during the training, by stimulating creative thinking, by professionalizing your decision-making-process and by reflecting. It makes it easier for you to make decisions and to understand them better.